How to avoid failures playing GC Poker?

Main parameters which affect to a quality of playing GC Poker are your device's amount of RAM, quality of internet connection, your browser's version, a presence of Adobe Flash Player and it's version.
The game is supported by all main browsers, even in deprecated versions of them. But it could be better to update your browser's version and Adobe Flash Player to reduce a failure's risk.
If you play GC Poker in mobile device, make sure that your device's Android version no less then 4.0.1. (or 7.0 in the case you playing the game in IOS-device).

The problems with the webcamera's streaming or sitting in the game-table.

Main factors with negative affects to the quality of the game in a webcam – tables are following:
- your webcam is used simultaneously with playing GC Poker in another application, such as Skype, Viber, other messengers;
- use third-party applications which interactive with your device's webcam during the playing GC Poker in a webcam-tables. Adding visual or audio effects (WebCamMax, msqrt, ...) is undesirable;
- wrong settings of your device's webcam. It must be turned on, has correctly settings and has working conditions. There is more information about right settings of your device's webcam contains in menu-item “Webcam” of section “Help” in the game.
One of inconvenience cases bothering during sitting down at the webcam-table is the checkbox “Allow” default selected in the modal window of settings appearing when the player is sitting down at the webcam-table for the first time. In this case is necessary to select checkbox “Deny”, then at once to select checkbox “Allow”. After these actions sitting down at the webcam-table must be correctly;
- a weak internet connection can cause the problems with webcam-streaming during the playing in mobile devices. In this case you will see the prompt contains aware about this in the top of your screen. Other player's translations could be unavailable until the internet connection become stable again, but you can continue the playing at the webcam-table. To reduce the risk of failures during the playing with weak internet connection we recommend temporally refrain from playing the game. At that time you can click “Away” or stand up from the table.

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